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Restoring Fire Damage to Property in Spokane

9/26/2023 (Permalink)

Fires can be devastating. Not only does fire damage surfaces, but the smoke generated and the water used to extinguish the fire can make things even worse. But fire damage can be restored. In order for that to happen, several things must be done.

Handling the Fire’s Damage

The fire damage itself may not only include the actual furnishings and items burned, but also the structural components of the home such as drywall, studs, floor joists, and roof trusses. All damaged furnishings need to be removed. Additionally, electrical wiring and plumbing repairs may be necessary.  Restoring the structural integrity of the home is the first priority.

Minimizing Water Damage

Cleaning up the water damage fast is important since it only takes a matter of hours before mold can begin to grow. Removing all wet surfaces, including damaged drywall and flooring, may be necessary. Once this is done, those surfaces need proper cleaning and treatment to prevent mold growth.

Cleaning Up Smoke Damage

Fire damage cleanup nearly always involves smoke damage restoration. This may include cleaning surfaces, sanitizing the HVAC system, and painting rooms to lock out the scent of the smoke. Discoloration on surfaces also needs to be taken care of professionally to restore the property.

Invest in a Team Dedicated to Restoring Your Home

Getting your home to pre-fire condition is a complex process, but the IICRC certified team at SERVPRO of  Spokane County can help you with it right away. Give our team a call to learn more about the work we do in fire damage restoration. We are here for you 24-hours a day.

Drying a Home of Business After Water Damage

9/26/2023 (Permalink)

Drying A Home Or Building In Spokane After Water Damage.

When the expert water technicians from SERVPRO® of Spokane County enter your home after a water disaster, we have two very important questions that must be answered before drying equipment is installed.  The first question is “What is Wet?”  The question sounds simple enough but the answer is often more complicated.  Standing water is obvious but it almost always means that hidden cavities of water exist that must also be found.  These hidden areas can be found under cabinets or laminated flooring.  Water can also seep under tile floors or hardwoods.  Beyond the floors, water often rests inside walls and insulation and can move to adjoining rooms.  Determining “What is Wet” is one of the most important questions we must answer.

 The second question in our damage assessment is “How Wet Is It?”  Water found under cabinets or inside walls can cause extensive damage if left untreated.  Wood will warp, wet sheetrock will lose its strength and insulation can absorb large amounts of water.  To answer the question “How Wet Is It,” we use sophisticated metering equipment that can measure moisture levels in areas that are out of site.  We may also use a special camera capable of reading temperature variations within walls or ceilings or even in the foundation to answer this critical question.

Every Spokane water damage event is a little different and requires a unique solution, but the general process stays the same. 

Flooding or Water Damage? Call Us Today - (509) 487- 4700

24-Hour Emergency Water Removal Service

Flooding and water emergencies don’t wait for regular business hours and neither do we. We provide emergency water restoration services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year – including all holidays. Spokane residents can expect an immediate response time, day or night.

Water Damage in Your Business Requires Special Expertise

9/13/2023 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Can Professionally Restore a Spokane Water Damaged Business

There are many property issues that business managers may have to grapple with, commercial water damage in Spokane being one of the worst. Unfortunately, this type of damage can occur in the business setting at any moment. Whether the water damage results from a natural disaster or office mishap, substantial structural deterioration or destruction is often the result. In many cases, the emotional and economic pains that water damage produces force business owners to close their companies permanently. However, learning more about commercial water damage and how to efficiently complete the cleanup process, using an experienced company like SERVPRO, can help you impede this from happening.

Commercial Water Damage: Key Causes. The undesired result can be from numerous factors. The damages can result from flooding, roof leaks, frozen pipes, ice dams, and sewage backups. Additionally, disasters like fires can require extinguishing work from the fire department, leaving large quantities of standing water behind. No matter the cause of water intrusion, the effect is often the same: actual damage to the structural integrity of your property coupled with the compromise of safety to employees, and clients.

Identifying The Source Of The Problem. To deal with water damage effectively, you have to identify the source of the problem and then eliminate it. It's also important to know that there will be different methodologies for water damage restoration depending on the source. Excess water flowing from a broken or frozen pipe or ice damming on the roof will be handled differently than issues which result from floodwater or a sewage backup.

Avoiding DIY Projects. Business proprietors are tempted to begin the cleanup process by themselves to quickly reopen the doors to commerce. If the normal business traffic patterns have been disrupted, then it is time to call in SERVPRO, to mitigate water damage restoration time and costs. Rapid water pumping will diminish downtime and lessen damage to inventory, office furniture, supplies, and the building's structural components. Precise assessment and planning get results.

Contact SERVPRO Today. If your Spokane commercial property has been impacted by water damage, it's time to take action. When you call the friendly professionals of SERVPRO, you'll receive a fast response from IICRC-certified technicians who use cutting edge equipment and customized methodologies to expedite the restoration process. Our techs are trained in water damage restoration, applied structural drying techniques, odor control, and mold remediation. Cleaning and restoring, as opposed to more costly replacing, is our policy so that we save you money as we quickly work to get your business back in business. "Like it never even happened."

We’re Highly Trained Water Damage Specialists

SERVPRO of Spokane County specializes in commercial water damage restoration, the cornerstone of our business. We have extensive water damage restoration training, and our process emphasizes regular monitoring and documentation of the drying process from beginning to end. Call us for immediate 24/7 response. (509) 487-4700 

Fire Damage Restoration: Leave it to the Pros

9/13/2023 (Permalink)

Cleaning Actions During Fire Damage Restoration

You need cleaning services as part of the restoration procedures after experiencing a fire damage incident. Cleaning aims to remove the soils or any soot particles from the surface. Our technicians will go over some of the cleaning actions we perform when offering cleaning services in Spokane. Before we select a cleaning action, we first look at the type of smoke particles and the surface of your property.

When our SERVPRO technicians are cleaning non greasy particles during fire damage restoration in Spokane, we start by using mechanical actions. It is a process that dislodges particles from surfaces before we can employ other cleaning processes that involve the use of solvent-based or water-based cleaning agents. Sometimes, surfaces can create strong bonds with the particles if you start by using liquid cleaning products before dislodging the excess residues.

In some situations, we might decide to make the particles slippery through a method known as lubrication. By lubricating, the bond between the surface and the soils weakens, making the residues to slide into the detergents. In cases where a substance chemically changes when it comes into contact with another substance, our SERVPRO technicians use chemical action. We use this method when it is not possible to remove residues from surfaces without altering their chemical formula. Removing oxidized stain from wool carpeting and cotton are some of the examples where we apply chemical actions.

Our SERVPRO technicians can also apply suspension and dispersion when cleaning your property. We begin by loosening the residues and then suspend and disperse them in the detergent. After that, we extract the cleaning product and the soils. When choosing a cleaning product, we have to consider whether the particles can dissolve in water or solvent-based cleaning agents.

SERVPRO of Spokane County has highly trained and experienced restoration technicians who offer storm, mold, water, and fire damage restoration services. Call us at (509) 487-4700 and let us make it “Like it never even happened.”

Find the Right Help After Storm Damage

3/27/2023 (Permalink)

Even the strongest, best-built Spokane home can suffer significant damage after a storm. If you have damage, it is best to hire storm damage restoration professionals to provide support and cleanup guidance. Hiring a trained and certified team can help ensure the work is done properly so you can return to your home with confidence. What can a storm damage professional do for you?

Determine Where the Problems Are

Sometimes the damage from a storm is easy to spot. This may include larger holes in the roof or a flooded basement. In other cases, you may not see the damage initially. You may have foundation issues, problems with the siding, or damage to the drywall in your living room. Storm damage professional technicians are trained in how to spot concerns fast.

The Right Type of Drying

Storm damage often leaves a wet mess to clean up. Fast, reliable drying is a key component to protecting your home and minimizing mold risk. Technicians at SERVPRO of Spokane County use scientific drying techniques and specialized equipment to ensure proper care and monitoring for mold growth or other risks. They also provide the necessary monitoring and documentation you need to know your home is safe.

Finding the Right Help Matters – Call Us First

At SERVPRO of Spokane County, our team understands what you are up against when it comes to storm damage cleanup. That is why our IICRC certified restoration professionals are available to you anytime day or night. To get help, call us 24 hours a day for immediate support. Just call 509-487-4700 and we'll be there.

When Water Damage Happens Make Sure You Call a Pro

3/7/2023 (Permalink)

There are several steps to cleaning up water damage. The first is to understand just how extensive the problem is. It is also necessary to find the source of the water damage to stop it from becoming even worse. Once it is clear what the problem is, and the source of the water flow is off, the cleanup process starts.

Finding the Water

Water inspection services help to determine the source of the water. In some cases, this is obvious, such as a broken pipe or a backed-up sewer line. In other cases, it is a drip behind a wall or a leak in the roof.

Water Extraction

For water damage repair to happen, the water needs to be removed. With specialized water extraction tools and methods, it is possible to get as much of the water out of the space as possible. This allows for thorough and quick-drying, too.

Restoration Work

Once this is done, the next goal is to get rid of anything that cannot be saved and to clean every other surface. Water damage tends to be significant, which means you may lose some belongings. In addition to this, there may be the need for mold remediation and rebuilding or restoration work for remaining fixtures, furnishings, and structural components.

Get Immediate Help for Your Water Damage

Any time you have even a small amount of water damage, act quickly to get it dry and clean. When the damage is significant, let SERVPRO of Spokane County help you. Call us for immediate help 24/7. We're here for you!

Flood in Your Home? You Need a Professional Inspection.

8/26/2022 (Permalink)

When flooding occurs in your home, water can rapidly seep into hidden areas. Even though you may think the flooding is localized, that is often not the case. It can be hard to know where exactly the damage is because you are unsure precisely how much of your home is wet. Our team can help you to determine the extensiveness of your water damage with a complete inspection. Using the latest techniques and sensitive professional equipment, we can find areas where moisture is present.

Advanced Inspections Are Necessary

When a water line breaks, a storm causes water to enter into the home, or any other water event occurs, the water that was in your home can easily travel throughout the space. This includes adjoining areas. It can also climb up the drywall by saturating into these materials. It can saturate your furniture, too. During an advanced water damage inspection, we can find exactly where it went and ensure that we can properly remove it and any damage it causes.

Sanitizing the Space

Water damage inspections also tell us where we need to clean and sanitize. The goal is always to limit the risk of mold growth. Our team will take every step possible to prevent it from occurring. If mold is present, we can offer mold remediation services to remove it.

Call SERVPRO of Spokane County for the help you need with water damage. Let us provide a full inspection to determine the scope of the problem. We are ready for your call anytime 24/7. You can reach us at 509-487-4700.

Preventing Water Damage is a Critical Homeowner Task. Here are Some Tips.

8/25/2022 (Permalink)

When undetected moisture seeps into the wood construction of your home, it not only weakens the wood but it is an invitation to carpenter ants and termites. Be careful!
Knowing how to prevent water damage is something every homeowner should be familiar with. Here are some suggestions.
Drainage is Critical
Poor drainage is a recipe for disaster. When water does not drain away from your home it can weaken your foundation and cause your home to settle giving you sloping floors or uneven walls with cracks, resulting in even more opportunities for water to enter your home.
Check your gutters regularly for blockages. Pine needles, especially here in the beautiful Northwest, are a constant source of obstructions in rain gutters. Failure to deal with these blockages can cause water to run over the edges of your gutter and pool next to your foundation.

A leaky foundation can be difficult to spot. Water can seep slowly into your basement and appear as simply a damp spot on your unfinished basement floor. If your basement is carpeted, you may not even notice this moisture at all until it results in a musty odor or even mold. If this happens, your best bet is to call SERVPRO of Spokane County to help you locate the source and deal with the problem.
Check Your Sump Pump Often 
Many homes in our area have sump pumps that "lift" water from the depths of your basement or foundation into your sewer line. This critical piece of equipment must be kept in working order at all times. Check your sump pump especially when there is a threat of significant precipitation.
How to Spot Water Leaks 
Small but consistent leaks cause mildew and mold, rot, and encourage the presence of carpenter ants and termites. If you are quick to fix a leak, you may save your home from long-term damage. 
Leaks can show as dark stains under pipes inside sink cabinets as well as stains on ceilings.

Take a close look at your roof at least once per year. Be sure to note and replace loose or damaged shingles. Check around flashing for leaks and be sure to inspect caulking for cracks.

Call the Pros

If you find a leak you should call the professionals at SERVPRO of Spokane County to have the source identified and the leakage stopped. Our professionals are IICRC certified and are available 24/7. Just call us at 509-487-4700.

Flooded Basement? Call SERVPRO of Spokane County 24/7

8/25/2022 (Permalink)

As most everyone knows, our beautiful Inland Northwest is susceptible to long periods of intense rain which can cause flooding even in the most well-built basement. Finding standing water in your basement can be a homeowner's worst nightmare. 

Quickly Remove the Water

If there is standing water in your basement, your first reaction will be to find a way to remove the water. This will require a wet vac at the very least and likely some sort of pumping system at the most. Many homeowners will have a wet vac, but very few will have any sort of pumping system beyond their overwhelmed sump pump. Getting the water out of your basement quickly helps to prevent further damage. It's one good reason to call the experts at SERVPRO of Northwest Spokane. Our water damage restoration teams have specialized equipment to remove the water from your basement--no matter how much water there is.

Dry the Surfaces

After the standing water is gone, it's important to quickly and thoroughly dry all the surfaces. This includes flooring and walls. Drywall will likely have to be removed just above the water line for the drying process to be complete. SERVPRO of Northwest Spokane has industrial-grade drying equipment that can accomplish this task much more quickly than anything available to a homeowner. Getting things dried out quickly helps to prevent further damage and discourages the growth of mold. Our technicians are also equipped with professional-grade moisture detection equipment to make certain that hidden moisture is also removed. 

Inspect HVAC and Other Basement Equipment

It's possible that the flood water damaged some of your HVAC system or appliances. SERVPRO of  Spokane County can evaluate these damaged items and recommend action.

Restore the Damage

This often includes the replacement of flooring which is too badly damaged to be restored and may even involve replacing some wall structures. Once again, the team at SERVPRO of Northwest Spokane is highly trained and qualified in restoring water damaged areas of your basement--regardless of how severe the damage. They are a flooded homeowner's best friend. 

If you have a flooded basement, regardless of the source of the water or scope of the flood, SERVPRO of Spokane County is the trusted resource in Spokane for homeowners who want their restoration work done quickly and professionally. Just call them anytime 24/7 and they'll respond faster to your disaster. You can reach them at 509-487-4700.

We Can Remove Difficult Smoke Odor After a Fire

8/2/2022 (Permalink)

Smoke Odor in Your Spokane Home? SERVPRO Can Help

Smoke odor is a stubborn and pervasive odor which lingers a long time after the flames of a fire are out. Whether it was caused by a nearby fire, a natural disaster, or from an accident such as an out of control cooking fire or a fireplace left unattended, the smoke odor can be a challenge to remove, even for experienced restoration professionals. 

There are various factors which influence the severity of smoke odor from fire damage in your Spokane home. The first is obvious – the size of the fire. The bigger the fire is and the more materials which have burned, the more smoke there is. How long the affected area is exposed to smoke matters as well. Smoke odor embeds itself deeper into porous materials the longer it has a chance to sit. 

Our technicians at SERVPRO know that after a fire, time is of the essence to prevent additional damage, which is why once you call us, we are out to your home quickly. We clean up the smoke odor, sanitize the area, and repair any salvageable items. 

Another factor which impacts the smoke odor is how large the room which is affected is. The smaller the room is, the more concentrated and intense the smoke odor can become. Materials which have burned is also important. Different materials leave behind different odors. A fire which burned wood smells different than a fire which affected mostly plastics or a protein fire. The kind of materials affected can influence the products we at SERVPRO use to get the smoke odor out. 

Our technicians have a large selection of equipment and products which are designed specifically to remove stubborn smoke odors. From hydroxyl generators to ozone machines, eco-friendly odor-busters to powerful odor-destroying chemicals, we are your answer to all your smoke odor removal needs. Our experienced professionals help you pinpoint the problem and figure out the best solution after we arrive at your home.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

Think of SERVPRO of Spokane County when your home has suffered from a fire of any size. We can get the smoke odors out of your home and prevent additional damages. Call us anytime 24/7 at (509) 487-4700.