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Water Damage Cleanup or Storm Damage? Call the Professionals at SERVPRO in Spokane and Eastern Washington

7/27/2016 (Permalink)

exposed roof trusses from storm damage repair Storm damage to a home or business can cause major damage.

It Is Safer and More Efficient To Deal With Certified Professionals For Cleanup After a Storm

Storms and other disasters can cause catastrophic amounts of damages to your home. If you're dealing with storm damage, look no further than the professionals at SERVPRO of Spokane County in Eastern Washington. Our technicians are skilled in cleaning up and restoring practically any disaster you can imagine. 
Spokane and Eastern Washington - area residents deal with all kinds of wind and water damages from storms. There are high winds that demolish your roof, destroy trees, and cause extensive amounts of water damages. Forecasts regularly bring dangerous storms, torrential downpours, and even tornado activity that can spell certain disaster for virtually any business. 
What Kinds of Damages Can Storms Bring? 
Storm damages can cause a lot more damages than you might expect. They destroy power lines, create fire hazards, blow over trees, and even cause deadly and ruinous flooding that quickly causes permanent damage to your home or commercial business. Furthermore, you might not even notice wind damage until much later; until massive leaks form or the roof collapses. Further ice and snow accumulation on the roof can be catastrophic, leading to thousands upon thousands of dollars, sometimes millions for big corporations. 
The potential problems associated with storm damage in Spokane and Eastern Washington can be numerous:

  • Large branches broken off precariously near the roof of the house

  • Limbs in contact (or nearly touching) power lines, which can be a serious fire hazard

  • Dead, hollowed out limbs

  • Flooding and standing water build-up

  • Mold build up (due to excessive moisture)

    We Provide a Wide Range of Helpful services 

    SERVPRO of Spokane County are the ultimate professionals when it comes to storm damage repair and prevention. Wind damage can break skylights, bring down sidewalls, collapse roof structures, and even shatter your windows. Luckily, you won't have to contact a lot of different servicemen, because SERVPRO of Spokane County handles virtually any storm-related damage to a home or business, ranging from: 

  • Weather resistant roof covers

  • Board Clean-up or securing

  • Tree removal from structures

  • On-site cleanup of tree limbs or debris

  • Complete water extraction and warped floor repair

  • Damage repairs, reconstruction, and replacement of your property
    Don't Start Cleaning Up Storm Damage By Yourself 
    It can be overwhelming to deal with different types of storm damage, especially when it wrecks your home. You'd probably be tempted to try and clean it up yourself, but you'd risk injuring yourself. Touching low-hanging wires can cause electrocution while branches and other debris can be much heavier than you think. Instead, contact the professionals at SERVPRO of Spokane County to ensure that your damages are handled as efficiently as possible. 
    Each SERVPRO franchise is Independently Owned and Operated. As a locally owned and operated business, SERVPRO of Spokane County knows how to take care of disasters and their customers. We're strategically located to deal with practically any emergency no matter how big or small.

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