Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Grease fires and electrical fires need different types of extinguishers

Be Aware: Different Fire Types Require Different Extinguishers

For the safety of you and your family, you should be aware that different types of fires require different extinguishers. Grease fires need different extinguishing agents than electrical fires. You should have both types on hand. Even small fires that have been extinguished will cause fire and smoke damage. That's when you'll need the expertise of SERVPRO of Spokane County. Call them anytime 24/7 at 509-487-4700.

110 Year-Old Hardwood Floors Restored After Fire Damage in Spokane, WA

This vintage, 110 year-old Spokane, WA home suffered extensive fire damage and smoke damage to both the interior and exterior.  The inside of the home had to be completely rebuilt with the fear being that the original, 110 year-old hardwood floors would need to be torn-out and replaced.  This after photo shows the amazing craftsmanship of our rebuild crew as they were able to restore the original hardwood's to their original splendor!

Refinished Hardwood Floors After Fire Damage in Spokane, WA

Our rebuild crews' work is second to none - just received this text message from a customer & their family whose home we are in the process of restoring & rebuilding after a fire:

"Oh my gosh, the original floors look so amazing!!!! The hardwoods look brand new! Thank you guys so much!! Wow!!!! Your entire crew is doing wonderful work! We can't wait to get back in this house - It's going to be amazing!"

Welcome Home After Fire Damage Restoration in Spokane, WA

Welcome Home! So excited for the owners of this house we restored in Spokane, WA to move back home after being displaced due to a fire that caused extensive damage.

Space Heater Safety Tip in Spokane, WA

When it's cold in Spokane, WA you may want to use, or already are using small space heaters. If so, DO NOT plug them into a power strip. These devices are not designed to handle the energy load of a space heater and can overheat causing a fire hazard.